OASIS Bowling China is one of the most authoritative and comprehensive suppliers of bowling equipment in Asia.We have timely and perfect spare parts supply system and strong technical strength, so that customers can not only have a complete set of advanced bowling equipment, but also have the company's all-round life-long service to you. 

We are the ideal partner for owners of bowling alleys. (1) After professional renovation, the machine equipment is divided into parts and classified. The sheet metal parts are cleaned and re-baked with phosphoric acid, and the finished parts are re-blackened. After that, the machine rack is assembled and debugged according to the standard size. In this process, the machine equipment such as conveyor belt, plastic parts, rubber parts, nylon parts, bearings and so on should be removed. Only by replacing the old and damaged parts with new ones can the machine equipments with more than 3,000 main parts run steadily in the operation of the Golf Hall and bring reliable investment returns to the owners.

 (2) The new fluorescent synthetic overlay made in China, the original refurbished of machinery and equipment, new gutters and capping,the computer scoring system and the configuration of large and small displays with new LCD, etc., can show the high-grade of the whole globe hall, and only spend less than one third of the price of the brand-new Brunswick equipment package. At present, large bowling alleys and high-level Club hotels at home and abroad are in favor of the same quality assurance of such equipment proposal.

 1. Before the sale of pre-sale service, our company will assist in site survey planning, provide reasonable suggestions and various necessary technical parameters, ensure the normal installation of the gymnasium in an all-round way, and ensure that it can open on time. 

2. After-sales service
 (1) We promise that the warranty period will be 5 years, and we will only charge cost fee for life-long service outside the warranty period. 

(2) The scope of the warranty shall cover the whole set of bowling equipment provided except public goods. (3) We promise to respond immediately after receiving the buyer's call for repair. We will solve the problem for our customers in the shortest time.


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