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We have many years of experience in the installation of bowling equipment. On all of our previous projects, we have been working closely with the owners, planners, designers and architects to ensure that your center will be build on time and in the most cost effective manner.

Bowling with Glow-in-dark Synthetic Overlay

You can speak to us, whether it is a small one or two lane installation in a private home, a few lanes for a hotel or club, right up to an entertainment centre with multiple lanes. Whilst a full size bowling venue needs considerable length of the venue, we can and have in many instances designed the project to your available space.
Our pinsetters run many years trouble-free.This is a huge saving for the operator and there is nothing more annoying for the players if the machinery breaks down during play.

We can offer full assistance in establishing a new centre or upgrading an existing facility .

Bowling with Glow-in-dark Synthetic Overlay
Bowling with Glow-in-dark Synthetic Overlay

the perfect centre starts with the right partner.
Manufacturer and Installer of Bowling Equipment.
Construction of bowling lanes
We can help, assist and advice with the design of your new venue.

All of our bowling lane constructions start off with the sub-floor, a bearers and joist structure that is below the lane surface. A well designed sub-structure is vitally important as this is the base that ensures that the laminated lane surface is perfectly level. The bearers and joists lift the bowling surface from the original floor, thereby ensuring a cushioning effect that eliminates excessive noise when the ball is dropped onto the lane.
Furthermore, it allows for an underground ball return as sometimes required in Tenpin bowling and is high enough to create the depth needed for the ball pit.
The pinsetters are mounted onto a front and back frame that is totally free standing and not attached to the pindeck or lane surface, making sure that there is no vibration transmitted to the pinsetter from the ball hitting the pins.
Our specially developed laminated lane surface is mounted onto the joists, with a layer of MDF or particle board in between and the gutters and automatic bumpers are fitted. The final precision leveling is now done.
The masking wall is erected in front of the pinsetters with the purpose of hiding the machinery, so only the pins can be seen. Above each lane is a door for easy access to the pindeck and also for easy access for the cleaning of the lanes.
The electronic control is mounted behind the masking wall; the ball return system is fitted and the bowlers console attached and connected.

"After sales" service
All of our equipment carries a 3 years warranty. After this time, we offer an annual "Service Agreement", a contract between the customer and us.

This "Service Agreement" covers all aspects of the equipment that was installed by us. It will assure the smooth running of your business and all of the following services are included:
Telephone support and advice
Email support
Software support
Periodic service call
Preventative maintenance
Software updates
Onsite assistance guarantee
After Sales Service plays a significant role in the life-cycle of your installation: it helps the customer to extend the operating life of the product, to avoid breakdown occurrences and to assure fulfillment of our long-term obligations toward our end-customers.